Does it matter what home inspector I use?

Yes! While some home inspectors may have an online certificate, that doesn't mean they have the experience needed to arm you with the right information. The State of Colorado does not require licensing so anyone can claim to be a home inspector. HomePro has inspected thousands of homes and is unique in that we have a background in construction and understand the workings of a home. We are also certified with The National Society of Home Inspectors and American Society of Home Inspectors. Our training and certification will arm you with the security that will save you money both now and in the long run.

Why do I need a home inspection?

Having a home inspected from roof to foundation arms a buyer, seller and Realtor with the important knowledge on a home's condition beyond the surface. We inspect a home's exterior, structure, plumbing, electrical, heating, central air, insulation, walls, windows, foundation, fixtures and appliances. HomePro will also alert you to hidden dangers and explain solutions for any issues we find so you can buy or sell with confidence.

When do I call a home inspector?

A home inspector is usually contacted immediately after the purchase agreement or contract has been signed. Be sure there's an inspection clause in your contract that makes the sale contingent on the findings of the inspection.

What area does HomePro provide inspections for?

We've served the Fort Collins area for over 28 years. While the majority of our inspections are in Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we also have served clients in Denver and Wyoming and all the areas in between.

How long does a home inspection take?

Depending on the property, the average inspection is between two to three hours. Homeowners and Realtors are welcome to join us and ask any questions they have while on site or after the inspection.

What does HomePro charge for a home inspection?

Our prices are based on square footage of the home, but HomePro does they're best to beat other competitors prices and earn your business. Radon, Mold, Asbestos and other Environmental Hazard tests are available upon request. We also can provide both listing and warranty inspections.

Who gets a copy of the home inspection?

Both the Realtor and Homeowner will receive a comprehensive and detailed report including photos within 24 hours of the inspection. Each report includes property condition including deficiencies, safety concerns and maintenance issues. Each party has full access to the report and is able to share the results with whomever they chose.

Why would a brand new home need an inspection?

With so many subcontractors, diversity of materials, various installation methods and workmanship, as well as tight deadlines in construction, even new homes will have defects. Complex engineered systems and new products are constantly changing and HomePro has the understanding on this building science and knows what could turn into a costly expense down the road.

Does HomePro have references?

Feel free to read our reviews on our website or we'd be happy to give you a past client or Realtor who recommends us. HomePro prides ourselves in customer service and are proud to have such a great reputation.

HomePro would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

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