What You Need to Know About HomePro

What You Need to Know About HomePro

Home inspections, home remodeling, and property & building maintenance services in Fort Collins, CO

HomePro's owner and chief home inspector, Brian Lane, has lived in the Fort Collins area for a quarter century. He knows the local structural and environmental factors that can affect the integrity of a home or business facility.

Given his background in the home remodeling trade, Brian also has valuable insight into what kinds of problems might show up in a home inspection, and what to look for to find them.

With this kind of two-pronged expertise at our command, you can trust HomePro to provide you the inspection information you need to protect your investment or identify areas in need of repair. Another way of stating this is that the knowledge he provides will save you money, both now and in the long run.

Whether he's working with realtors or home owners, Brian's years of professional public speaking and great customer service skills, he truly is the whole package and will close the deal.

Brian is professional and personable and has no qualms about having you peer over his shoulder as he goes about inspecting your home. Although he has only been doing inspections since 2000, under the HomePro name with doing remodeling he's been in the Fort Collins area for over 28 years.

Questions or concerns? Call Brian at HomePro Professional Home Inspections in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado: (970) 412-5266.