Northern Colorado's Trusted Home Inspections & Home Remodeling Professional

Northern Colorado's Trusted Home Inspections & Home Remodeling Professional

Also Offering Property & Building Maintenance Services

Home Inspections
HomePro of Fort Collins has the expertise, established reputation, and years of experience necessary to provide current or prospective homeowners with trusted home inspections throughout the Northern Colorado area. HomePro can:

  • Inspect both residential and commercial properties in Colorado
  • Work with both real estate agents and individuals
  • Identify problem areas and determine what needs to be fixed
  • Tell how specific issues in a home might affect its property value.
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Home Remodeling

Whether your home is brand-new construction or an older home with character, home remodeling projects are always something that are on the horizon. From updating cabinets to building full custom basements, Brian Lane of Home Pro has all of the skills necessary to help you accomplish your dream remodeling project. We will integrate your ideas and style with our expert guidance!

Property & Building Maintenance

Brian's home inspection and remodeling background makes HomePro the perfect fit for your property maintenance needs. We've worked with multiple businesses throughout Fort Collins and beyond to manage, repair, and remodel properties. As a property owner, you most likely don't have the time or the desire to deal with the day-to-day maintenance issues that pop up with your properties--but we do! Rely on HomePro for your commercial property maintenance.

Why Choose HomePro?

We provide the following services in Northern Colorado:

  • Home Remodeling services, including small and large scale painting jobs, updating carpets, tile, and other flooring, custom cabinetry...anything you can think of, Brian Lane can accomplish it!
  • Buyers Inspections designed to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners, and to identify issues which require immediate attention.
  • Property & Building Maintenance focused on providing solutions with preventive maintenance and repairs on commercial buildings.
  • Sellers Inspections to help you discover which issues must be immediately addressed to secure the sale of your home, and which may be negotiable with a prospective buyer.
  • Warranty Inspections as a follow-up to new home construction. Find out which faults may be repaired by your builder at no cost to you.
  • Environmental Hazard Inspections to identify potentially hazardous issues in a property up for sale. Our non-invasive visual inspection can isolate areas of concern. We also provide radon, lead, mold, asbestos sampling and testings.
  • Ozone Solutions.Our professional advanced Ozone systems safely remove harmful odors, bacteria, germs, allergens and sanitize your home quickly without chemicals. Great for removing pet odors, smoke odors, cooking odors, mold, mildew, contaminants, water damage odors, which greatly increases your property value.
  • Radon Testing. Our professional and accurate computerized monitors verify your properties radon gas levels are safe according to the EPA standards which provide your client with peace of mind and protects your family.


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